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I think we all know how we got here

Although I really appreciate the things being said in this interview, I don’t think we need to dig very deep to understand that there is a large, unregenerate portion of American Christianity that drives the pop culture religion we are so infamous for. And there are many, many genuine believers who got a taste of political power and never could quite quit that drug. I sure hope those justices can turn water into wine or something so the past four years will have been worth it.

Symbols Of White Supremacy Confront Oregon Shoppers At Antiques Mall

This is some real top-notch reasoning here:

“Well, yeah. That’s memorabilia that people buy,” store owner Ike Abbas said when first reached about the display. “I’ve been doing it for 37 years, and people enjoy it. Blacks even buy it. We got one gal in there that is Black and she sells a lot of stuff.”

Cureton, E. (2021, February 14). Symbols of white supremacy confront oregon shoppers at antiques mall. NPR.Org.

Here’s the source article at NPR. A number of people enjoy things that society has deemed unacceptable, Mr. Abbas. There is nothing righteous about indulging them if they are willing to pay.