Good speech

As a card-carrying Delaware fanboy, I was excited to see Biden give his acceptance speech last night even though he didn’t receive my vote. I do not agree with all of his policies but I am glad to see him starting his presidency with a conciliatory, forward-looking tone.

4 thoughts on “Good speech

  1. n/a

    So, if not for him, did you vote for someone who would prefer seeing your immigrant Christian brother be deported from this country?

    1. John Olinda Post author

      I did not. Your comment seems to be predicated on the false idea that there are only two choices in an American presidential election.

      1. akajkla

        Well, no that’s not what I meant. I’m aware there are other parties in the country, yet there is a higher likelihood of my running into you one day at a coffee place (regardless of whether or not you drink coffee) than actually living long enough to see the day when there is not a Democrat nor a Republican for a president in this country. Voting for minor parties is like expecting to see tofu as the main serving dish at a (traditional) thanksgiving dinner.


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