Monthly Archives: April 2020


  1. Start as simple as possible;
  2. Seek out problems and iterate; and
  3. Hire the best engineers you can.

Dunking on Zoom

As an IT professional, I too have my concerns about any vulnerabilities in Zoom, whether they’re privacy-related or security-related. However, because I work in education I’m very much aware that many users simply do not care about either of those things and are wantonly handing out their information and compromising their devices left and right. They’re skipping easy wins like Touch ID because it’s “too hard.” So nitpicking Zoom feels like a low priority when I know that kids are plastering themselves all over TikTok. Zoom has been very responsive to criticism and seems to be handling this as well as any suddenly famous company could. Sysadmins should be setting sane defaults for their organizations, which is very straightforward to do via the Zoom admin panel. CIA employees should not use it to contact agents in the field. And the vast majority of people, who just want to talk to their family and friends while holed up in quarantine, should enjoy the fact that they can talk to people around the world instead of sinking into a dark hole of isolation and depression.