A breath of fresh air

I am composing this post from my Haiku virtual machine and I am reminded how much joy Haiku brings to computing. Although there are things that seem strange, like the near-total absence of login security (you can work around this but it is off by default, a-la Mac OS 9 and earlier), it is such a unique expression of the personal computing environment that could have been. I think that come Beta 3 Haiku is going to graduate to a hardware install in my house. I would love to set it up on a family computer and see how my kids interact with the interface.

John Olinda


Today is the first day in ages that my allergies haven’t flared up within minutes of being outside. Now I can actually enjoy not having to wear a mask!

Print all the things

Today I picked up a broken piece of plastic from our entertainment center that the boys broke and decided to model and print a replacement. I grabbed my calipers, opened a TinkerCAD project, and got to work. About half an hour later I had a replacement model and printed it off in ABS. It worked great, although I think I might make the screw holes a hair larger if I ever need to reprint it.