Speak screen

I feel like I must be the last person to hear about this, but Siri can read whatever is on the screen to you. In practice what I can do is swipe down from the top edge of the screen and have her read a web page or Instapaper article to me. Much more natural sounding than the reader in Instapaper. Unfortunately you can’t start and stop playback with a tap on your earbud though. But it’s a small price to pay when you have an infant that loves to be walked a lot or manual labor to do.

It’s begun

I’ve been using my Ergodox EZ at work this school year and slowly but surely improving my touch typing on it. Tonight I went to take a quick typing test on my laptop and realized that I’m starting to mentally default to the columnar layout and have to slow down on a traditional QWERTY.

The Forgotten Socialist History of Martin Luther King Jr.

Especially in light of the turmoil of the last four years, and the outright chaos of the last year, it’s important to remember that Martin Luther King Jr. saw the ultimate realization of equality in democratic socialism. It’s popular to divorce his (now palatable) views on racial equality from his views on economic equality. But that’s not so. The man was a socialist. And that’s a good thing.

You’ll miss me when I’m gone

My personal Macs (a 2011 iMac and a 2009/10 MacBook Pro) are both hacked to run Catalina even though they officially tapped out at High Sierra. I was a fan of High Sierra, but wanted to make the pair last a little longer before officially throwing in the towel and switching to Linux. Catalina was not great, but I wanted to make sure that I was getting the latest patches for as long as possible. At work, I use a 2017 MacBook Air and we just updated to Big Sur and boy, oh boy is it making Catalina look better and better.